Mission Statement

Our mission is to construct recreational venues and facilities for growth and enhancement by developing diverse services and programs that promote citizen involvement and a strong sense of community.

Future Goals

Our goals are to provide efficient services to all the residence of Hidalgo County and create places that are welcoming to all. In addition, we will continue to strive to improve existing facilities, while seeking opportunities for future development.


Quality of Life 

Precinct 4 parks provide an excellent opportunity for families to come together for outdoor fun and activities. Visitors enjoy parks filled with walking trails, play stations for children and families; baseball and soccer fields; picnic areas and pavilions that create an opportunity to enhance physical conditioning and quality of life. In addition to J.R. “Milo” Ponce Park, Precinct 4 will be adding two new parks.

Coming Soon… Parks at Memorial Garden!

Precinct 4 offers an exceptional recreational experience for its community. From play stations for children and families, baseball and soccer fields, walking trails to exercise areas and pavilions, each park is designed to ensure safety and fun for all people. The goal is to offer children living in rural areas the same recreational opportunities as children living in the city, increase physical activity and bring families together.