Commissioner Palacios talks about road and drainage projects in the latest issue of County Press Magazine

The Mission of Precinct 4

Now in his second term as Hidalgo County Commissioner, Joseph Palacios has completed over 85 drainage and road projects. In fact, as part of his mission statement, Palacios offers the following on his county webpage: “Precinct 4 aims to enhance the quality of life of our community by building, maintaining and improving roads, bridges and drainage systems.” Taking it a step further, the Commissioner offers a link to his Road and Bridge Department, which includes the following:

Mobile Community with Efficient and Well-Maintained Roadways: Precinct 4 is evaluating current urban and rural roadways and strategically planning for future roadway projects and enhanced traffic flow that connect the mobility of communities more effectively. The precinct is charged with ensuring that all safety measures are taken with the traffic control department. The department takes preventive maintenance measures to increase the life span of rural roadways with ongoing overlay projects.

Palacios had all hands on deck to recently complete his Brushline Road project, partially funded by a Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) County Energy Transportation Reinvestment Zone Grant.

The project was initiated to reduce traffic and increase emergency response east of Hidalgo County and created a new corridor running parallel to Expressway 281. The effort entailed construction of a 3.5 mile roadway adjacent to 281 to provide for an alternate route for traffic mobility and emergency services.