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Meeting Notice for the Residents of Los Nogales Subdivision

Precinct 4 Flood Drainage Improvements

 Precinct 4 has been dedicating their efforts to find a solution to drainage problems for the residents of Los Nogales Subdivision. We are pleased to announce that construction of drainage improvements will begin weather permitting, in June and continue through September until the project is finished. These drainage improvements will benefit residents in Los Nogales Subdivision and the surrounding areas such as: Kenyon St, Mustang St, Appaloosa St, Palomino St, Stallion St, and Mile 17 Road.

A meeting will be held at 1211 Stallion St, Edinburg TX 78542 on April 25th at 6 pm to talk about the drainage improvements and answer any questions pertaining to this project. To sign up for this meeting use the link below.

We thank you in advance for your patience regarding drainage improvements. If you have any questions, please call the Precinct 4 Office at (956) 383-3112 and ask to speak with Nayla Galvan or Drainage Director Mr. George Guerra.

Proyecto de drenaje del Precintó 4

El Precintó 4 ha dedicado sus esfuerzos con respecto a la necesidad de mejorar el sistema de drenaje para los residentes de La Subdivision Los Nogales. Me complace informarles que la construcción de drenaje iniciara pronto si las inclemencias del tiempo lo permitan apartir del mes de junio y continuará a septiembre hasta que el proyecto esté finalizado. Este proyecto de drenaje beneficiará a los residentes de La Subdivision Los Nogales, las carreteras: Kenyon, Mustang, Appaloosa, Palomino, Stallion, y milla 17.  

Está programada una reunión en la dirección: 1211 Calle Stallion, Edinburg TX 78542 el 25 de abril a las 6 de la tarde, sobre la construcción de drenaje para responder a cualquier pregunta referente a este proyecto. Para inscribirse en esta reunión utilice el siguiente enlace.

Le damos las gracias de antemano por su cooperación e ir hacia delante para mejorar la infraestructura de las subdivisiones. Si usted tiene alguna pregunta, por favor llame a la Oficina del Precinto 4 al (956) 383-3112 y solicite hablar con Nayla Galvan o el Director de Drenaje, Sr. George Guerra.

Construction Update

Improvements to Rio Grande Care Rd have begun.

Hidalgo County Precinct 4 has received federal funding and has scheduled paving to be held on Rio Grande Care Road. Estimated time frame for this project will begin in the month of April (weather permitting) through the month of June. The construction of Rio Grande Care Road will be done in three stages:

  • ROW work- bar ditches will be reshaped and culvert pipes will be installed if needed.
  • Construction- includes all caliche and base work on the actual road.
  • Paving- laying of asphalt.

We are currently working on all ROW work by reshaping bar ditches, cleaning out existing culvert pipes and installing new culvert pipes if needed. Shortly thereafter, PCT 4 will begin construction followed by paving. Again, we thank you in advance for your cooperation as we aim to enhance the quality of life of our community by building, maintaining and improving roads. . If you have any questions, please call the Precinct 4 Office at (956) 383-3112 and ask to speak with Nayla Galvan or Road Director Mr. Roman Rodriguez.


El Condado de Hidalgo Precinto 4 ha recibido fondos federales y ha programado pavimentación para la carretera Rio Grande Care. El proyecto iniciará en el mes de abril y a través del mes de junio, si el clima lo permite. La construcción de la carretera Rio Grande Care se hará en tres etapas:

  • Trabajo de carretera- zanjas de barras se reformarán y se instalarán tubos de alcantarilla si es necesario.
  • Construcción – incluye todo el trabajo de base y caliche en la carretera.
  • Pavimentación – colocación de asfalto.

Actualmente, estamos trabajando en todos los proyectos de desagues a si como tambien ampliandolos. Tambien la limpieza de los ductos de las alcantarillas e instalar si es necesario nuevas tuberías. Despues de terminar los proyectos el Precinto 4 iniciara los trabajos de pavimentación. Una vez más, le damos las gracias de antemano por su cooperación con nuestro objetivo de mejorar la calidad de vida de nuestra comunidad mediante la construcción, el mantenimiento y la rehabilitacion de las carreteras. Si usted tiene alguna pregunta, con relacion a los proyectos anteriores por favor llame a la Oficina del Precinto 4 al (956) 383-3112 y solicite hablar con Nayla Galvan o el Director de Carreteras, Sr. Roman Rodríguez.

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Precinct 4 Breaks Ground at Linn-San Manuel

Precinct 4 Commissioner Joseph Palacios hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for a new park Wednesday, Sept. 30 next to Brewster Elementary School in Edinburg.

The new park will provide recreational space for residents of the Linn-San Manuel area, including Brewster Elementary School and the Boys and Girls Club.

“The idea of this park is to implement a wildlife green space,” said Palacios. “This park is going to be an instrument to our kids, not just for recreation but for them to recognize the fundamentals of what we think they need: respect, good team-building, sportsmanship, a place where they can fellowship with their families and friends.”

Some of the amenities will include a pavilion with basketball courts; baseball and softball fields, including dugouts and bleachers; three playground systems; a concession stand; and a walking trail. Sitting on a 10-acre tract, the project is estimated to cost $1.2 million and is funded by Precinct 4, the Hidalgo County Urban County Program and Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District.

“This is a joyous occassion, especially for the leaders of this community that are an inspiration to build a community of familiy,” said Brewster Principal Cipriano Peña.

Parks are vitally important to establishing and maintain the quality of life in a community, ensuring the health of families and youth, and contributing to the economic and environmental well-being of our community, officials said prior to breaking ground on the new park.

“This facility will truly work for everyone in this area,” said ECISD school Board President Robert Peña. “I would like to extend a special thank you to Precinct 4 and Commissioner Joseph Palacios for working with the district in so many different projects.”

Great news for the residents of the Linn-San Manuel area!

You’re Invited!

On behalf of Hidalgo County Precinct 4, you are cordially invited to attend the Groundbreaking Ceremony of Brewster Park. Come and join us as we celebrate the addition of a park that will include a pavilion with basketball courts; baseball and softball fields, including dugouts and bleachers; three playground systems; a concession stand; a veteran’s memorial; and a walking trail.

¡Una gran noticia para los residentes de la área de Linn-San Manuel!

En nombre del Condado de Hidalgo Precinto 4, se le invita cordialmente a asistir a la ceremonia del parque Brewster Park. Venga y acompáñenos para celebrar la adición de un parque que incluirá un pabellón con canchas de baloncesto; campos de béisbol y softbol, incluyendo tribunas; tres sistemas de juegos infantiles; un puesto de comida; memorial de veteranos; y un sendero para caminar.

Brewster Park Invitation

Hoehn Subdivision Sewer Project

Update on Hoehn

On Monday, April 6 a public Meeting between Hidalgo County Precinct 4, Urban County and McAllen Public Utilities took place to inform Hoehn Subdivision residents on a plan and timeline for a sanitary sewer project. During this meeting signatures were gathered to move forward with the project. With 110 signatures collected, advertising for contractors to submit bids have been completed and have now received approval of Construction Contract.

El lunes 6 de abril, una reunión pública entre el Condado de Hidalgo Precinto 4, Condado Urbano y Servicios Públicos de McAllen se llevó a cabo para informar a los residentes de la subdivisión de Hoehn el plan y el cronograma para el proyecto de alcantarilla sanitaria. Durante esta reunión se levantaron firmas para seguir adelante con el proyecto. Con 110 firmas recogidas, la publicidad de los contratistas para presentar ofertas se han terminado y ahora han recibido la aprobación del Contrato de Construcción.

CRC Graduation

ESL Class Graduates More than 15

Congratulations to the ESL Graduating Class! After a year of hard work and commitment, the students have received their certificate of completion for the English as a Second Language Curriculum.

Felicidades a la clase de graduación de los estudiantes de ESL! Después de un año de duro trabajo y entrega a sus estudios, los alumnos han recibido su certificado de finalización de inglés como segundo idioma.

Youth of the Year

A winner among the crowd


This week’s commissioners court included items on the agenda, constituents, city leaders and a young lady both eager and anxious to present her speech to the court.


Janice Montemayor can best be described as a persevering young individual who learned at a young age what struggles she would be facing.  Now, a senior at Robert Vela High School in Edinburg, Janice has overcome those struggles with grace and commitment to reach her end goal. With various achievements and awards Hidalgo County Commissioners Court honors Janice Montemayor with a resolution in her honor.


As a six year member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Edinburg, her influence by the club has had a positive impact on the person she is today. This commitment pushed her to pursue the Youth of the Year title. After completing application requirements Janice competed with local club members ages 14 to 18 as Youth of the Month Winner, from that group she was selected as a Youth of the Year for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Edinburg Rio Grande Valley and moved on to participate in a regional competition. Janice went on to compete against Youth of the Year winners from Corpus Christi, Kingsville, Bandera, Harlingen, Pharr, and McAllen. Such coveted title was earned because of Ms. Montemayor’s excelling academic achievement, outstanding service to the Boys & Girls Clubs, and dedicated community service to the people of Edinburg.


As Janice stated in her speech presented to the court, “I am not a statistic. I am far from it because of the club. The club prevented me from being a drop out, using drugs, or ending up pregnant. You see the club did not only change me, it created me,” she is not a statistic, she is a success.  After presenting her speech to the court a roar of applause were heard coming from the audience and court members. Hidalgo County Commissioners Court congratulates Janice Montemayor with a resolution as Boys & Girls Clubs of Edinburg Rio Grande Valley 2015 Youth of the Year.


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