Mission Statement: Servicing the people of Hidalgo County Precinct 4

The mission of Hidalgo County Precinct 4 is to be open and accessible to the public and serve our citizens in a highly-professional manner, always exhibiting integrity, courtesy, fairness, safety and compassion in all our interactions. We work diligently to develop, maintain and enhance our roads, bridges, drainage system, sanitation, parks and our community outreach through an efficient and effective use of Hidalgo County resources. We are accountable to the people of Hidalgo County.

Some Words From Commissioner Joseph Palacios

Dear Friends:

SAMPLE-News Interview

I am pleased to report that we have successfully accomplished several projects during these past few years, and it is extremely rewarding to see that our hard work and dedication has significantly improved the lives of many. In collaboration with other partners, we have been able to create new and improved drainage systems, provide better and safer roadways, and construct parks through out our precinct for the benefit of the community. In addition, Precinct 4 has been able to establish a community resource center, as well as currently undergoing the construction of an additional one.

Our current community resource center has been able to provide assistance through various organizations to be able to deliver numerous assets to our area. Through these resources and partnerships we are able to build a stronger community and enhance the quality of life of our residents. Each and every day as a precinct, we strive to effectively continue to develop and fulfill the needs of our citizens.

Prior to taking my place in office, I vowed that each and every one of you would have direct representation, and that your personal needs would be met to the best of my ability. Till this day, it is that promise that drives us to keep pushing towards a better future for our community. I am again proud to say that we have continued to maximize and efficiently use tax dollars, improve county services, and complete many projects that are impacting people throughout Precinct 4.

As we continue to proceed forward, we will implement several new plans that will have a positive impact in our community. These new developments will provide our residence with the necessary means for a better tomorrow. We are determined to continue to meet the needs of our community, create safer environments, and improve the quality of life for many. Furthermore, we are working on developing additional parks and bringing essential resources closer to you.

I intend to have our county government system always open and transparent to see that county services move closer to our residents. It is the welfare and well-being of our citizens and community that always comes first.

Joseph Palacios
Hidalgo County Commissioner

Some Statistics


Total Operating Budget

$7 Million

In Drainage Improvements

$2 Million

Savings by using in-house Drainage Department


Revenue Generated from Drainage Department


Population of Precinct 4


Tons of Trash Collected


Tons of Tires Collected


Permit Holders


Total Miles of Roads