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 Road & Bridge Department Stretches Every Taxpayer Dollar

Reimbursable In-House Drainage Crews

Our main goal is to serve Hidalgo County Precinct 4 constituents to the best of our ability, and at our fullest extent.

Led by Commissioner Joseph Palacios, Precinct 4 is located in the county seat of Edinburg, Texas.

We serve the rural areas of the City of Edinburg, Faysville, City of McAllen, San Manuel and San Carlos, consisting of a total population that exceeds that of 190,000. Our responsibilities not only cover those of our precinct, but countywide needs as well.

Precinct 4 aims to enhance the quality of life of our community by building, maintaining and improving roads, bridges, and drainage systems. In addition, it is also one of our great duties to keep our environment clean, which is why we provide trash collection sites to over 70,000 rural households.